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Dittmann, A.G., Stephens, N.M., & Townsend, S.S.M. (Accepted pending final revisions at JPSP). When people from working-class contexts outperform people from middle-class contexts.

  • Winner of the Wheeler Institute Award: judged to be research with greatest potential for contribution to the field of business for development at the Trans-Atlantic Doctoral Conference 2019

  • Selected Press: Politico

Stephens, N.M., Townsend, S.S.M., & Dittmann, A.G. (2019). Social class disparities in higher education and in professional workplaces: The role of cultural mismatch. Current Directions in Psychological Science.

Dittmann, A.G. & Stephens, N.M. (2017). Interventions aimed at closing the social class achievement gap: Changing individuals, structures, and construals. Current Opinion in Psychology, 18, 111- 116.

Maner, J.K., Dittmann, A.G., McNulty, J., & Meltzer, A. (2017). Implications of life-history strategies for obesity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 114(32), 8517–8522. doi:10.1073/pnas.1620482114

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Stephens, N.M., Dittmann, A.G., & Townsend, S.S.M. (2017). Social class and models of competence: How gateway institutions disadvantage working-class Americans and how to intervene. In C.S. Dweck, A.J. Elliot, & D. Yeager (Eds.), Handbook of Competence and Motivation (2nd Edition): Theory and Application. New York, NY: Guilford Press.


Dittmann, A.G., Kteily, N., & Bruneau, E. (Under review at Psychological Science). How groups’ actions can inadvertently signal low self-worth. (title disguised)

Dittmann, A.G., Birnbaum, H.J., Stephens, N.M., & Townsend, S.S.M. (Under review at Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology). College financial resources and social psychological interventions to improve the academic achievement of working-class students. (title disguised)


Dittmann, A.G., Stephens, N.M., Townsend, S.S.M., & Rivera, L. (In preparation). Working in professional organizations but still working class: How social class background impacts subjective workplace experiences. (Dissertation Chapter 2) Target: Academy of Management Journal