PhD Candidate



Guest Lecturer

  • 2017 Negotiations (Part-Time MBA) 
    • Guest Lecturer in Dr. Nicole Stephens’s seminar
  • 2011 Research Methods in Psychology (Undergraduate)
    • Statistics Guest Lecturer in Dr. Chuck Huff's seminar (sessions on ANOVA and t-tests)

Teaching Assistant

  • 2014-18 Leadership in Organizations (Full-Time MBA, Part-Time MBA, EMBA, MSMS, and Undergraduate) 
    • Drs. Loran Nordgren, Holly Raider, & Nicholas Pearce
  • 2016-19 Negotiations (Full-Time MBA, Part-Time MBA, EMBA, and MSMS) 
    • Drs. Victoria Medvec, Nicole Stephens, Nour Kteily, & Eli Finkel
  • 2015-16 Leading and Managing Teams (Full-Time MBA)
    • Dr. Maryam Kouchaki

Teaching Workshops

  • 2017 Mentored Discussions of Teaching Workshop Participant, Searle Center for Advanced Teaching, Northwestern University